LINK LIST: Solo Travel in Your 20s

Solo Travel in Your 20s
20 Trips to take in your 20’s

Row a Viking Ship in Norway. Could there be anything more appealing than rowing a boat in the Norwegian fjords, an area still reminiscent of Viking times? No. Probably not.

7 Reasons to Travel the World Solo in Your 20s

You[r] story is still waiting to be written, and your 20s is when the most amazing things will happen to you.

Traveling solo in your 20s is something everyone should try. Here’s why.

But if you can’t stand the thought of being alone for more than about four minutes, that’s even more reason to set off solo. If you’re shy and find the thought of walking up to total strangers and starting a conversation horrifying – great. Traveling alone is a challenge, and that’s the point.

20 Trips to Take in Your 20’s

Give yourself the gift of independence, an opportunity to experience new cultures and the time to learn about yourself and what’s best for you.

5 Trips You Really Need To Take In Your 20s

2) A TRIP WHERE TRAVELLING TIME IS 12-HOURS OR LONGER.Long journeys provide you lots of free time to ponder life and its mysteries – it can be hard to catch up on your reading or writing on a bumpy ride, but you’ll never need anything but quiet time to think. You will learn to appreciate the efficiency of modern day travel, but also gain patience and appreciation of the slow ride.

Should You Travel in Your 20s

To me, the benefits of traveling in your 20s hugely outweigh the potential disadvantages, although certain risks do exist. But if you’re in your 20s and want to travel – and particularly, if your parents or other loved ones are as discouraging as mine were during my early 20s – this post should prove inspirational to you.

Why Solo Travel In Your 20s Is The Thing To Do!

5) You start loving yourself more.You will notice a new foundlove and respect for yourself when you spend so much time being yourself, doing crazy stuff, pushing your limits and fighting your fears. You’ll start to cherish the COOL person in you when you wake up before dawn for watching a sunrise, spend hours on a beach watching the waves, make an instant decision to skip your next destination because you’re simply enjoying the stay with your host family, decide to do that trek by yourself because no one else wants to do it, and loads of such awesome things you never believed you could do.

Travel Is The New Black: 6 Perks Of Traveling Alone In Your 20s

3. $$$The cheapest way to travel is now, in our 20s. These are the years when we can couch surf, sleep in hostels and take cheap airlines without it being taxing on our bodies.

Trips Everyone Should Take in Their 20s

Road trip! Spring-break shenanigans. Your first time in the big city. These types of trips are a given in your 20s, but there are some things in this world that are better weathered when you’re young, such as hostels — and hangovers.

Fit Travel: 20 Epic Adventures to Tackle in Your 20s

Who said you have to be 65 and retired to see the world? The clock is ticking, so check some of these sweet trips off your bucket list before you’re 30.

Why you should quit your job and travel in your 20s

If you want to grow and make the most of your twenties, do it somewhere overseas. You have your entire life ahead of you to work — and with the way the economy looks now, you’ll be working until you die. Why plow through your best years, hoping to spend your last years doing all the stuff you could have done better in your youth?

You dont have to quit your job to travel in your 20s

2. The whole “Go to X and Find Yourself” model is problematic.The White Savior crap isn’t going to make you a better-rounded person, it’s going to make you more of an asshole. Viewing what you interpret as other people’s suffering (or what is, in actuality, other people’s suffering) isn’t and should never be a means to increased empathy, improved interpersonal skills, or spiritual growth.

11 reasons NOT to travel in your 20s

1. You are an idiot, and idiots ruin everything. The years are not yet your friends and your ill-thought actions turn idyllic country-side villages into backpacker strip malls. Places like Vang Vieng in Laos, that were literally ruined by wasted twenty-somethings.

10 Non-cliche Places To Travel In Your 20s

3. Shikoku, Japan. Shikoku is known for being home to the bathhouse that was featured in Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar winning animation “Spirited Away.” There are all the monuments and buildings that you’d expect from feudal Japan: shrines, luxurious gardens, old castles and the oldest Kabuki theatre in Japan.

23 American Cities You Must Visit in Your 20s

We’ve all been there — you’re seeking a big adventure that won’t require an absurd amount of money. The classic touristy spots won’t fulfill your needs, so we’ve rounded up the best cities out there for 20-somethings to visit.

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