Amazing Street Food Around the World

Street Food Around the World

One of the best ways to experience a destination is by foot – especially if you’re a foodie.

Street food is, arguably, the only way to experience a country’s culture through its cuisine. There’s the Fear Factor-worthy street food like insects in Thailand, balut (duck’s embryo) in the Philippines, or scorpion kebabs in China.

But, for the weak of tummy, there’s another category of street food you can indulge on – the entertaining kind. Check out our list of amazing street food around the world.

Dragon’s Beard Candy (Kkultarae) (Korea)

Super entertaining show aside, the Dragon’s Beard Candy, which has become a tourist attraction in the streets of Insadong in Korea, has one-upped the cotton candy by giving the option to have different fillings such as chocolate, peanuts, and even sesame seeds. No wonder it’s a favorite among royalty.

Turkish Ice Cream (Dondurma) (Turkey)

If there’s any way to make getting ice cream better, it’s outwitting the Turkish Ice Cream man.

Mochi (Japan)

Snacks with a dash of danger? Yes, please. You can tell how amazing it is by all the collective gasps in the background.

Sugar Artist (China)

This and blowing sugar candies, there’s no doubt that the artistic skill of Chinese street vendors when it comes to making candy is pretty sweet. Pun intended.

Tea Pulling (Thailand)

We’ve all been making our tea the wrong way. Any tea that’s not made with interpretative dance is simply not going to cut it after this.

High Speed Cake Packing (Hefei City, China)

Five cakes into the bag in one second. There is nothing more to say.

Green Crepe (Thailand)

See, to me, the equivalent of what she’s doing is patting her head with her left hand and making circles in her tummy with the other. And did I mention she’s doing this over a burning hot surface?

Popcorn (Bong Twee Kee) (Korea)

Now that’s putting the pop in popcorn.

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