Top 10 Movies That Will Inspire You to Travel to Asia

Lost in Translation (Japan)
Aside from seeing Tokyo at its most weird and wonderful through the eyes of the amazing Sofia Coppola, one scene in particular has spurned a conspiracy theory among movie fans. At the end of the movie, Bill Murray whispered something in Scarlett Johansson’s ear, as the scene was improvised, it still now remains a big mystery.

The Beach (Thailand)
If rumors are to be believed, the beach in Alex Garland’s novel wasn’t in Thailand but in the Philippines. According to most travel blogs, Matinloc Island in the El Nido, Palawan is the inspiration for Garland’s novel, which was eventually adapted into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Eat Pray Love (Indonesia)
Although Julia Robert’s character went to Italy and India, Thailand seems to be the one taking the movie experience to a whole new level. Now, Eat, Pray, Love-inspired tours are popping up all over Ubud where the film was shot, catering mostly to solivagant women travellers.

Chungking Express (Hong Kong)
The neon-lit streets of Hong Kong become the backdrop of two love stories. But with the masterful direction of Wong Kar Wai and the brilliant cinematography of Christopher Doyle, who isn’t going to fall in love with Hong Kong?

The Darjeeling Limited (India)
When talking about The Darjeeling Limited, one must also talk about its prologue – Hotel Chevalier. It stars Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman, who also makes a cameo in the film. According to reports, Portman shot for 30 minutes in Jodhpur and then spent the next ten days going travelling through India.

Seven Years in Tibet (Tibet)
Chinese officials thought that the film portrayed a bad image for China and decided to ban its star Brad Pitt and the movie’s director, Jean-Jacques Annaud from ever entering China again. However, Pitt was recently spotted in China during the promotion of his wife’s, Angelina Jolie’s movie Maleficent.

Tomb Raider (Cambodia)
If anyone as cool as Angelina Jolie has been so affected by her travel to Cambodia, then you just know it’s a trip worth taking. After shooting on location for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Jolie’s relationship with Cambodia started with her adoption of son Maddox, getting a tattoo in the Khmer language, and getting a temple named after her.

Anna and The King (Malaysia)
Although the memoir whose story was based on originally occurred in Siam (now Thailand), most of the filming for 1999’s Anna and The King starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yun Fat was done in Malaysia. A lot of the scenes were shot in Ipoh, Langkawi Island, and Penang.

Batanes (Philippines)
Batanes is the backdrop of a love story between a Filipina played by Iza Calzado and a Taiwanese fisherman, played by Ken Chu. Found in the northernmost part of the Philippines, words like breathtaking, paradise, picturesque, beautiful, have been frequently used to describe the islands of Batanes.

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